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Learn to Speak Spanish: 5-Star Books

So you want to learn to speak Spanish! People have different reasons to want to learn to speak Spanish: for business, a vacation, or just to broaden your cultural horizons. It's a great experience and opens up a whole new world to you.

First, Download your Free Book
Ordinary Ways to Learn Language Extraordinarily Fast
Spanish Edition

Learn Spanish Extraordinarily Fast

Learning to speak Spanish can be frustrating or lots of fun depending on your approach. We at Language Express have found that have different sources of information can keep you interested and make the process more enjoyable.

Most people benefit from combining many different ways of learning Spanish, listening, speaking, reading and writing and even online Spanish courses.

This is a list of 5-star books at which can help you learn to speak Spanish. These books have been reviewed by customers and have been given their highest ratings.


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Spanish Full Kit
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Comprehensive Spanish Grammar All Spanish Verbs: From A to Z
Behind the Wheel Spanish
Learn at Home or in Your Car
(book & CD)
Instant Conversational Spanish
(Audio Cassette)
Learn Spanish Live Speed Spanish
(4 One-Hour CDs)
Practice Makes Perfect:
Spanish Verb Tenses
Practice Makes Perfect:
Spanish Pronouns And Prepositions
Instant Spanish:
Vocabulary Builder
Instant Recall
Spanish Vocabulary
The Big Red Book of Spanish Verbs The Ultimate
Spanish Review and Practice
Vocabu-Learn Spanish:
Language Learning With a Beat
(Audio Cassette)
Using Spanish Synonyms
Using Spanish:
A Guide to Contemporary Usage
Spanish Verbs: Ser and Estar:
Key to Mastering the Language

100 Spanish Flash Cards that Go Anywhere you Go

Each different card set has about 100 cards. Cards in the Spanish verbs product feature an illustration and English verb on the front of the card. On the back, the verb is conjugated in Spanish in present and past tenses.
The Spanish adjectives product shows an English adjective or adverb on the front of the card and sometimes its opposite as well as an illustration. The back of the card shows the Spanish translations of the words.
Finally, the Spanish vocabulary product shows two to four English words, related by a theme. Examples of themes are foods, clothing, and household items. Each theme has its own small symbol giving the learner visual feedback.

Spanish flash Cards - Don't settle for flimsy, boring, text-only cards!

If looking at those text-only flash cards is driving you crazy, then our visual Spanish flash cards are perfect for you. They're pocket-sized, bound by a small ring and protected by plastic covers. So they can go anywhere with you. That increases the time you can spend studying Spanish. The humorous and informative illustrations are just the thing to keep your studies effective and enjoyable.

Studying On-the-Go

When you find yourself delayed in a long line, you'll find that with our cards, you may become almost happy to have a few moments of free time to study! Examples include when standing in line at the grocery store, DMV or bank. That gives you what you want, a few moments of time to review your Spanish!


Spanish Flash Cards - Specials

If you order directly from us, you'll enjoy some great discounts! The Specials page features several money-saving options that you won't want to miss. Our Spanish Full Kit special is one, and another is our customer feedback form. If you take advantage of both of these, you'll be saving about 20% off the retail price of our cards.

Spanish Flash Cards - Discounts and Special Offers

Order from us and you can take advantage of some great discounts! The Specials page discounts available to you, like the Spanish Full Kit and our customer feedback form. If you take advantage of both of these, you'll be saving about 20% off the retail price of our cards!

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